How long does it take to complete?

It depends on the client. We tried to meet a 2 - 2.5 weeks turn around.


What is included in my monthly package?

A high quality, professionally designed WordPress website that we will maintain and update regularly to the latest WordPress and plugins security updates. All our designs are mobile friendly!


How are monthly web design packages different?

Monthly Packages are designed to provide you all of the services you need for your website at a flat and fixed monthly rate after you pay the $280 deposit. Check our regular FLAT FEE web design packages and pricing. Once you have selected your Web Design Package, we will work with you through the creative process: design, layout, content and we will deliver a professional looking website that will fit your needs and your business needs.


Why would I want a monthly plan?

One of the biggest concern expressed by our clients is the large upfront payment. With a monthly website package, you don’t need to worry about any unexpected problem that could suddenly happen and could generate a huge bill. If a technical problem due to the website framework happens we will fix it with the time of your subscription.


What happens if I want to cancel early?

The monthly package does involve considerable work on our part to set-up, develop and maintain the website. Remember, approximately half of the monthly fee is applied towards covering upfront costs for the design team with the remaining amount going towards the maintenance and regular updates of your website. Should you need to cancel your subscription but would like to keep your website live the buyout will depend of the number of payments you already made. If you change your mind and wish to cancel without buyout then your site will change to a parking page and your website will be offline upon cancellation or late payment.


Re-activate your account

We don’t delete your content – we simply put your website offline – if you wish to re-activate it, just sign up again for your favorite monthly plan and your business website will be back online the same day.



All monthly plans accounts must be set up as recurring payments through Paypal or on pre-authorized payments through your bank. Monthly payments are based on a minimum of 12 months, 24 months and 36 months contract depending on the size and features of the project.


Nenaji Media is designed for growth and flexibility, give you access to priority phone support. Let’s talk on Skype or on the phone.

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